Jane Tingley

SLO Research Lab director

Jane Tingley is an artist, curator and Assistant Professor at York University. Her studio work combines traditional studio practice with new media tools - and spans responsive/interactive installation, performative robotics, and telematically connected distributed sculptures/installations. Her current artistic trajectory is interdisciplinary in nature and explores the creation of spaces and experiences that push the boundaries between science and magic, interactivity and playfulness, and offer an experience to the viewer that is accessible both intellectually and technologically.

She has participated in exhibitions and festivals in the Americas, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe - including translife - International Triennial of Media Art at the National Art Museum of China, Beijing, Gallerie Le Deco in Tokyo (JP), Elektra Festival in Montréal(CA) and the Künstlerhause in Vienna (AT). She received the Kenneth Finkelstein Prize in Sculpture in Manitoba, the first prize in the iNTERFACES – Interactive Art Competition in Porto, Portugal, and has received support from a number of funding agencies, the arts councils of Canada, Manitoba, Ontario, and Québec, the Canada Council for the arts, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.


Research assistant

Ilze Briede [a.k.a. Kavi] is a Latvian/Canadian artist and researcher with broad and diverse interests. Her practice, a hybrid of video, image and object making, investigates the phenomenon of perception and the constraints and boundaries between the senses and knowing. Kavi is currently pursuing a PhD degree in Digital Media at York University, intersecting art and science research areas such as bio-physiological sensing, computational creativity, and generative art. Her deeper focus is on the pattern and possibility for richness and complexity it can offer by becoming a 'space' for multi-species collaborations and intersections. Kavi is also an active performer and collaborator of images and sounds. She has previously shown her work at Currents New Media Festival, International Festival of Digital Culture + Code, IASPM Canada Conference, FACTT Trans-disciplinary & Trans-National Festival of Art & Science, SloMoCo, Fashion Art Toronto, and Toronto Nuit Blanche.

Grace Grothaus

Research assistant

Grace Grothaus is a computational media artist grappling with the climate crisis. Her practice-based artistic research encompasses environmental sensing, physical computing, algorithmically generated imagery, and speculative futurity. Her projects take the form of interactive or responsive indoor and outdoor installations, and performances. Grothaus' artwork has been exhibited around the world, including the International Symposium of Electronic Art, Environmental Crisis: Art & Science in London, UK, Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, and the World Creativity Biennale in Brazil. Grothaus has received awards for her work from organizations such as the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts in the United States and was an Art 365 Fellow. She has been invited to speak about her work for the University of California San Diego's Design@Large series and Ecoartspace in Santa Fe among others. Currently, Grothaus is currently working towards a PhD in Digital Media from York University in Toronto where she lives with her dog and numerous plants.

Jason Sankhar

Research Assistant

Jason Sankhar is a skilled technician at RM Copier and a full-time digital media student at York University. He is twenty-one years old and continues to pursue many of his passions. Jason was raised by his East and West Indian parents, his mother from England, and his father from Guyana. This resulted in his love for music and eventually becoming a Disc Jockey (DJ), which also pushed him into photography. His prior knowledge of redesigning and rebuilding industrial-grade photocopiers, combined with his education has led him to the development of Distance Lamps. Jason designed these lamps, so users have the ability to transmit a “virtual hug” to another user anywhere in the world. A touch of a button sends a warm and comforting glow to the other user's lamp to let them know they are loved and being thought of. The development of these lamps forced Jason to take on new challenges and develop more skills to achieve the results he wanted. 3D printing, 3D design, programming, and woodworking were some of the skills developed while building this project. Jason is currently working with a company developing experimental brackets and fittings for buildings within the Greater Toronto Area.

Faadhi Fauzi

Research and Development Assistant

Faadhi Fauzi makes noise, builds tools, and cooks spicy. Their new media practice explores alternative forms of dialogue, whether sharing intimacy through experimental performance or nurturing connection through collective everything. They like community-centred initiatives, temporal spaces, post-human fantasies, distributed networks, upcycling natural materials, degrowth, open-source, and cats.

Currently, they wear R&D hats at SLO Lab and Antimodular Research, while working on Feathers of a Songbird, a custom hardware toolset for interactive theatrical performance. Looking forward, they have sights on building tangible tools for transnational mutual aid and soaking sun on grass.

Always looking to collaborate! Reach them at

Joel Ong


Joel Ong (PhD, MSc.Bioart) is a media artist whose works connect scientific and artistic approaches to the environment. His recent works explore the visibility and audibility of ambient phenomena with a particular focus on the wind and the atmospheric microbiome. His individual and collaboratory artistic works have been shown at festivals and galleries internationally such as the Currents New Media Festival, Nuit Blanche Toronto, ISEA, the Seattle Art Museum, the Gregg Museum of Art and Design, the Penny Stamps Gallery and the Ontario Science Centre. Joel is an alumni of SymbioticA, the Centre of Excellence in Biological Arts in Perth, Western Australia, and holds a PhD from DXARTS at the University of Washington. He was a recipient of the Petro-Canada Young Innovators Award in 2020 and was an artist with the Biofrictions Creative Europe transdisciplinary research project. He is Assistant Professor in Computational Arts and Director of Sensorium: The Centre for Digital Arts and Technology at York University.

Cléo Sallis-Parchet

Research Assistant

Cléo Sallis-Parchet is a researcher, community organizer, and writer interested in archive theory, media archaeology, audio-visual preservation, and the concept of the living archive. She is currently a doctoral student in the Cinema & Media Arts PhD program at York University. Her research examines the role of the institution in preserving, transmitting, and extending the life of vulnerable and ephemeral media, in analog and digital formats. Cléo has worked in various cultural institutions, including the British Council, the Contemporary Art Galleries Association, and recently InterAccess; and has also participated in public talks by Towards Gallery, imagineNATIVE, Mirage Festival, Toronto Film and Media Seminar, and the Archive/Counter-Archive Symposium.

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